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“Thanks to Amaury’s Expertise and his external point of view. He was able to understand our organisation and identify immediate improvements to be made.”

Wauters Léonard, CTO FraudBuster

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December 8, 2017

Focus on one business at a time

The startup founder is an entrepreneur by nature. That can mean having a natural eye for identifying the next opportunity or trend. While that trait can be beneficial, it can also lead to a founder losing focus and spreading their energies too thinly. In order to succeed, to be effective, a founder must put aside this innate ability and focus on one business at a time.
December 1, 2017

Keep communicating with the client

While your focus is on developing a successful product and evolving it over time to meet the demands of your users, as well as growing the best team to do just that, it is important to not lose sight of essential business strategies along the way. Those who do not focus on business operations, including maintaining relationships, may find they lack a key ingredient: the customer.
November 24, 2017

Over-organization can be your undoing

Planning and organizing too much at the start, and too far ahead, may seem like a good strategy to take control of the process, but in most cases, what may initially seem a bit of a mess will lead to real success.

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