It’s been several years since I have published on a regular basis of what my personal and professional goals are.

But this year it’s quite different. For the first time, I did not define the upcoming year plan by myself but with my team, consisting of four individuals. Therefore it’s no longer my retrospective alone but rather a retrospective of MyCTOFriend. Coming back to 2020, here is what we have planned

Where do we start from and Where are we going?

It’s been six years since I started to coach startups as a CTO. This taught me how to help them on a daily basis with an understanding of what non-technical startup founders might need. 2020 is the year where we are upscaling. Our goal is not only to hire other CTO to do the same coaching as I do, but also to reinforce our CTO and client with the best Technical Management knowledge base as possible.

There are hundreds of resources about Project Management or about launching a startup, but none of them are able to objectively help people on the technical decisions that are required.

That is what we are best at MyCTOFriend!

2020’s Project list 

At MyCTOfriend we do not believe in the idea of multitasking. We believe that as a species we cannot multitask, but rather switch tasks. Although we will move forward with several projects in parallel, we are aiming for one main goal per month. 

The goals are as follows:

  • January: Rebranding
  • February: Youtube optimization + video production optimization
  • March: MyCTOFriend coaching center + new CTO hiring
  • April: Podcast re-launch
  • May: Analytics project
  • June: Content production industrialisation
  •  July: First BootCamp ( online + OffLine )
  •  August: Virtual CTO Coach BETA ( for startup who cannot afford our premium coaching)
  •  September: Indian Market Experimentation
  •  October: Book draft  : “Startup Without CTO”
  •  November: Sales Industrialisation
  •  December: 2020 Retrospective & 2021 Planning


We are going to make it!

I’m proud to let you know that by the end of 2019, I built a brand new team to kick start this amazing year. We have been creating content for a long time, but we found out that this content is very useful for founders, but not optimized at all for traffic generation. So I’ve assembled the content production and web marketing team, that will be able to scale our business and make use grow. 

So here is the actual team: 

Mitchie Ruiz: Content Director


Marie Semerdjian: Chief Marketing Officer  

#creative #branding #dreamer #contentstrategist #mindfulness #workaholic #travels #teamplayer #crossfit #greengirl #knowledge

CMO, with almost 7 years of experience. I have chosen to put my skills at the service of companies and communication agencies to help them square their projects… while rounding off the angles. Thanks to my transversal vision, I can focus on very strategic topics such as Communication, Growth Marketing, Branding, Sales and Communication.

My main goal is to ensure that every member of the team is happy, fulfilled and acquires new skills to grow and make the company grow!

Fun fact: I am also a CrossFit Trainer and I study naturopathy in my leisure time 🙂


Kushagra Petwal: Content Production & Marketing

#nerdy #technophile #design #progamer #multicultural #footballfanatic #content #foodie #spiritual #backpacker #poetryandprosewriter #jackofalltrades

Creating Content is an art, which i like to make! Four years of experience in writing content and communication. I like to explore the world through food and languages. Manga and anime nerd since 2007 and still going strong. Business school graduate with a degree in Marketing, Strategy and Innovation.

I am well versed in Content Production, Marketing,Digital Marketing, Soft Skills, Strategy, Designing and Four languages and still grasping a new one!

My agenda is to make addictive content that the masses cannot resist and my modus operandi is MyCTOFriend!


Ariane Prado Marques: Content Production

#feminist #travel #coffeeaddict

Passionate about creating content and consuming quite a lot of it, as well! Coming from Business Development with 6 years of experience in the Education field, pursuing a career change to Content Marketing.

Love traveling, especially during summer, chasing beautiful and idyllic beaches! Based in Brazil and maybe somewhere else. I believe in an equal and inclusive society, and I consider my personal mission to ensure it for everyone.


Amaury Khelifi: CEO & CTO Coach

#focus #creative #organized #hardworker #achiever #runner #leader #geek #manager #knowledge #eatknowledgeforbreakfast 

Experienced CTO, I founded MyCTOfriend back in 2014. First known as Out Of Tech, I changed my CTO consulting business to become MyCTOfriend, an online Tech advisory platform. I have been practicing martial arts since I was 7 years old. I am able to build almost anything with a few electronic components and a computer. My goal is to help people become aware of their own potential showing them what’s possible.


KPI for the end 2020

  • A strong team of 6 salaries
  • Went through our first seed round
  • 44 new explanatory videos
  • 2 new courses
  • 1 book in draft mode
  • 4 white books


What about you?

And you, what are your goals for 2020?

is there anything we could do to help you meet them?