About Me

There are several key skill sets that allow me to act as a mentor and guide for other startups.

My technical background has always been fueled by my curiosity and passion for learning. This gives me the tools to transform ideas into reality, and to play within the boundaries of financial and technological resources.

My management experience is rooted in a person’s value and the importance of human resources. I ave worked in banking and helped a company of 500 scale up and industrialize their tools in order to improve the staff’s efficiency and the business’s overall ROI.

As an entrepreneur myself, I get it. We want and expect certain things, and need to know certain others. We must be void of ego because we get better when we nitpick our own work and constantly improve it, that’s our key to success.

Looking for knowledge? I’m your guy. If I don’t have it, I can get it or at least get you someone who has it. Rest assured: If I don’t know, I know someone who does.

Still on the fence? Maybe some real examples will help… 

How it works

An early client was lost when the provider they had hired to develop their software was unable to fulfill the deadline and had not turned over the daily source code. The only solution was to redevelop everything from scratch which I was able to help them do in a short period of time (I didn’t code the app myself).

A developer lacked the passion the startup needed, but since this was the only person who knew the code, it was important to keep them on. Auditing the developer, I learned about the platform and created a 15-page document with all of the technical details required. We were able to migrate the software to AWS (Amazon Web Services) to allow the company to grow successfully without server management.

A startup founder lacking in technical skills received two vastly different quotes from providers. Analyzing the quotes, I helped the founder understand why there was such a gap, helped them define their needs, evaluated the potential providers, and helped determine which was best suited for the task.

A founder and a provider were in conflict. I provided the senior technical background required to resolve the initial conflict and ensure a smooth operation to avoid additional issues at the end of the development.

A CTO and a founder were in conflict. Here, I helped the founder first by understanding why the conflict existed, helped resolve the issue, and then helped the CTO understand and learn to avoid similar conflicts in the future.

A CTO left under challenging circumstances. Analyzing the old infrastructure and source code remotely, I was able to set up new infrastructure and reset the code to allow the project to move forward.

A startup had challenges in recruiting and growing. By helping identify the process by which the company should grow and the skill sets required, I enabled the company to better manage product releases and establish themselves to achieve continuous deployment. Working with a team of engineers, I created a document outlining all of the technical information that existed relating to automating systems and processes.

While a new CTO was being sought, I managed the providers, including outsourced workers, to drive the technical team forward.

A founder was looking to enhance the startup’s skill set through the addition of a partner. Evaluating the applicants, I helped identify the mindset and skill set that would best suit the company moving forward.

My past

In my youth, I wanted to be an inventor. That early desire led me to study computer science and electronics. While my friends were exercising their Playstation agility, I was writing code and tuning my Linux kernel.

In 2011, I launched my first startup. While it didn’t reach the success that I was hoping, it did teach me what not to do, and helped me better understand my strengths: my technical skills and IT management.

In 2014, I launched my second business as a startup CTO and consultant. By 2017, I have helped more than 50 startups in solving a variety of technical, organizational and planning issues, and I’m proud to say that that number continues to grow.

Me in 1999, already doing code →

What I do

Using my experience and the lessons I’ve learned over time, I am sharing my knowledge through the blog and the online courses. This opportunity for continuing education allows founders to avoid some of the mistakes I have both seen and made.

← Me in 2017, teaching in an incubator

How I do it

Understanding the steps required and the challenges of being a founder, backed by my technical expertise, the content here is the best resource I know for what to do, what not to do, and how to avoid getting into difficult situations. 

Me these days, focusing on producing video courses →

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