Curious to know where I come from?

 Here is my life as a techie in 4 dates…

1994, I’m 11 years old →

My parents worry that I carry the house keys with me. I could lose them on or from the way to school.


I build a Keypad entry lock system for the frontdoor of the house.
This way, the entire family doesn’t need keys anymore to get inside the house. 😉

←1997, I'm 14 years old

My father forbids me to play with Fireworks (“Too dangerous!”)


I create a remote control system that lights the fireworks from a safe distance

1999, I'm 16 years old →

ICQ and IRC are my favorites tools to connect with people on the web. (One the first instant messaging client…remember ? ) is so popular among teenagers.

I build my first computer system network. This way I can teach my little sister about internet safety and show her how easy it is to retrieve information when chatting online. (I also love opening my friend CD drawer remotely through the 56k internet connection 😉

←2002, I'm 19 years old

My parents own a small town shop. They have problems with their computers at work while I’m off to college and cant’ help them.


I build my first VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection to remotely take control of their PCs and repair their system from a distance.

And today…

I beleive that we are exactly where we need to be and

"I'm willing to help the world innovate getting the most out
its different cultures and economical contexts"

 I believe this is what I was meant to do

I have worked with more than 80 startups, plus my very own 7 years ago as well as 10 years in corporate IT. My technical background has always been fueled by my curiosity and passion for learning which gives me the tools to transform ideas into reality, and to play within the boundaries of financial and technological resources.

My management experience is rooted in a person’s value and the importance of human resources. I have worked in banking and helped a company of 500 to industrialize their tools in order to improve the staff’s efficiency and the business’ overall ROI.

I’m can read and review almost any software language (PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, Javascript, Shell Scripts, Perl, This let’s me challenge developers to reuse existing open source solutions, existing API services or microservices bricks available on Cloud providers like AWS, Google or Microsoft.

What I do

Mentor, keynote speaker and CTO à la carte, I teach, create & learn alongside smart entrepreneurs. Working with Incubators, Accelerators and Business schools, I help non-technical startup founders

  • Create prototypes,
  • Establish roadmaps,
  • Manage development,
  • Build scalable architecture and
  • Grow technical teams.
Me speaking in a startup accelerator →

How I do it

I take pride in providing startup founders with the most objective advice out there and my focus is always to build up the action plan that fit to you and to select the developer or the provider that fulfill your needs.

Not having a development team of my own, nor receiving commissions from developers or web agencies, allows me to always think outside the box and search for the optimal digital solution.

I offer advice as if it were for my own company from short private CTO meeting, fully dedicated product definition workshop up to conferences.

← Me mentoring in an business school

Focus on making founders independant

Having gone through so many startup projects, and having seen so many versions of what works and what doesn’t, gives me a bank of technology experience from which to draw from.

More than this personal blog, you can also gain a glimpse of my startup expertise and tech knowledge by watching my online courses at

I create new content every week to make startup founders and their technical teams independent.

Me at my studio recording new courses →

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