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Book writing Review: My book writing is in standby mode. But this month, I reorganized my book idea to create the best course I’ve ever done by far, Startups’ Tech Challenges: From Zero to Million Users

Goal: Keep it in standby mode. 

Email communication

Review #1: Done. I was able to send one email a week to my Out of Tech mailing list. The process is well-defined, so I will stick to it.

Review #2: I am still struggling to get question from founders. I need to have a better process in getting the questions and then creating videos that answer them. I only had one this month. 

Goal: I need to find a way to automatically get more questions from founders for the AskMyCTO video series. The FAQ video concept is a great, but it requires quite a big audience to work.
Course creation Review: I recorded THE course Startups’ Tech Challenges: From Zero to Million Users not on the 24th but on the 29th. It was a huge amount of work — reviewing the entire process and developing each part. And now the course is ready and is free for now. There are 24 videos in total. And as I’ve mentioned, it’s the biggest and best course I’ve ever done. I highly recommend to have a look at it: https://myctofriend.co/zerotomillionusers.   Goal: May is not a course-production month. I just need to figure out what course I will record in June. Probably a smaller one than this month’s.
Course promotion Review: Not that much, I was so convinced that my new course will be the perfect content to convert people to checking out the other courses that I stayed focus on production.? It’s definitely time to catch-up. Goal: My main goals are to improve the sales page and the followup sequence, and create an amazing promo video. I also plan to record a new main video for the main website. I’m not happy with it anymore. 
Social media presence

Review #1: 3 customized posts per week… KO

Review#2: 1 course promotion per week… KO

Review #3: Put in place automation… KO

I did a few posts, playing for a bit with Instagram. I’m still not that much present on social media. I have to make some huge improvements to get that part done.

I’ll stick with last month’s goals.

Goal #1: Publish 3 customized posts on social media per week.

Goal #2: Publish 1 course promotion post every week.

Goal #3: Put in place an automation to manage the entire process quickly and easily.

Goal #4: Join several Facebook Groups all over the world and start helping people by providing answers to the questions there as well as sharing relevant AskMyCTO videos. My goal is to answer one each week.  

Website improvement Review #1 & #2: I did not update my About page, but instead created my Speaking page on this site.? Producing this last course took an incredible amount of my energy. 

Again, I’ll stick with last month’s goals.

Goal #1: Update my About page here on OutOfTech.com with a personal introspective. I will also be sharing a few more pictures of me when I was young.? Be ready to laugh for a bit. I will share with you what led me to what I am today.

Goal #2: Add a public speaking page with a few videos to my personal website. 

Consulting to mentoring transformation Review: I wanted to systematize my process by adding a payment feature and to start thinking of a centralized tool for my mentoring notes and follow-up. I did nothing. 

I’ll stick with last month’s goals for this one too. 

Goal #1: Set up the automatic payment for mentoring. I have to say that managing small payments of 200€ plus having to control who paid and who didn’t is a bit annoying and will be a nightmare when I reach 10 mentoring sessions a week. 

Goal #2: Set up a follow-up sequence to allow people to share what they have been up to since the last meeting. Start thinking of a centralized way to manage mentoring benchmark solutions and sharing recorded sessions more easily.

Public speaking Review: I spoke at Marseille Innovation: http://www.marseille-innov.org/comment-manager-une-equipe-technique-quand-on-ny-connait-rien/. It was a great event. Nevertheless, it was not something that was out of my comfort zone. I also applied to the BlendWebMix event with a talk called Virtual Startup: A Brand New Agile Way Without a Technical Team. I also finished the startup course for Montpellier Business School and got some great feedback: https://t.co/tVCCFooZjU (despite doing the course in, this video is in French. Sorry.?). Goal: I am going to be a mentor and speaker at Montpellier Business School for a startup boot camp with 800 students. Yes, 800 students! It will be the biggest event of its kind, similar to what I did for the European Innovation Academy in 2014 with more than 300 attendees. Eight hundred will definitely be a great challenge, but I’m proud and excited to be one of the mentors and jury at this upcoming event. I will be proposing to hold some smaller conferences for some local startup groups for practice.?
Unexpected achievements Review: No unexpected achievements for this month except my client’s proposal for me to mentor the 800-student boot camp which I’m looking forward to.  

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