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This month I was focused on setting up the foundation to scale. My team and I continued industrializing content production and started with the onboarding process.

By the way, I actually put out a brand new mobile app for MyCTOfriend. I’m very proud of it. It really wasn’t planned, but I stumbled upon a new startup that let me do it in a breeze. You can test it right now, it’s available on http://myctofriend.co/app and it will soon hit the app stores.

Now the main goal is to continue scaling the onboarding process and growing MyCTOfriend as something bigger than just Amaury’s advice portal.

My plan is to use the next few months to establish a solid foundation, and depending on how it goes, I’ll consider raising funds by the end of the year. It’s not really a must for MyCTOfriend, but after meeting great mentors and venture capitalists (VCs) at the EU-Startups Summit, it’s definitely worth considering to expedite growth. More on this later.

If you want more details on this month’s retrospective, as usual, continue reading below.


This month’s results vs goals

Next month’s goals

Monthly OutOfTech blog posts & weekly MyCTOfriend videos  Review: I was able to batch the content production, and I love the feeling of having at least 3 weeks of content ahead of me. It lets me focus on other things. What we weren’t so good at was organizing the publication ahead of time. We started using Airtable to manage our content production, but then migrated to Coda which seems to be one of the best tools I have ever used in terms of managing data, workflow, etc.  Goal: Keep producing the content at least 3 weeks in advance, but automating the publication process so we don’t have to worry on the day of publication.
‘Startup Without a CTO’ book Review: I wanted to go through the interview process for the first 12 chapters, but we only managed to do 8. It’s not that bad since we want to put the writing process for what we do have on the forefront, before we move on to the rest of the content.

Regarding the written version of the book, Mitchie finished transcribing and repurposing our conversations to shape the first 3 chapters. It’s less than what we wanted, but it looks like it’s part of the writing process. We are still discovering this and prefer to focus on quality rather than quantity. 

Goal: I think we can achieve writing 8 or 9 chapters by the end of the month. We might also manage to do 5 more content interviews, racking up the first 13 chapters of the book. 
MyCTOfriend podcast Review: Having 8 episodes in advance, we paused the podcast recording at the beginning of April to focus on our content production organization and the book writing.


Goal: The goal for May will be to have 6 more podcast episodes. The second goal is to batch and automate the publication ahead of time. 
Online courses Review: My goal was to create an online course with my webinar content. The webinar is done and has already been published. You can access it here: http://myctofriend.co/webinarrecording  Goal: I do not plan to create any more courses for May. I’ll review the onboarding process with my new mobile application, and maybe record a couple of fresh new videos to smoothen the customer’s experience as much as possible.
Hiring my first senior manager Growing the MyCTOfriend team Review: This goal has been postponed for a while since I hired Mitchie, the person helping me to produce better content and industrialize its production. I’m focusing on getting my team super organized as necessary preparation to grow even more.

Something I was wondering about 2 months ago was if I should try raising funds and grow faster at a global scale. According to the VCs and other mentors I met at the EU-Startups Summit, it’s definitely worth considering. So I’m going to prepare a pitch deck and start the discussion with investors. It’s not mandatory at all for my business, but I feel that I could help many more startup founders around the globe if I had some investment boosting my business development. 

Goal: Prepare the MyCTOfriend pitch deck and see what I can achieve with a bit of investment. 
‘How to Build a Successful Startup Without a CTO Co-Founder’ webinar Review: I did not do a live webinar. I have to admit that the possibility of no one tuning in live is off-putting. I did a live Q&A two years ago and I struggled when at certain times there was only 1 or 2 people showing up, and sometimes none. Doing an 80-minute webinar with the possibility of no one tuning in would require lots of energy without having any real benefits. So for now, I’m postponing this and I’ll continue sharing my webinar content through a video recording instead. Goal: None at the moment. 
Improving the funnel and onboarding process Review: I made 5 new videos for my mobile app.  Goal: Get new people on board and explain how they can get the most out of the app.
Unexpected Goals  Review #1: While I was preparing some AskMyCTO videos, I discovered a new startup that lets you create a mobile app from a simple Excel spreadsheet. So I used it for myself, and within a few days, I was able to finish my app. I’m so proud of it and its potential to help startup founders.

Review #2: At the last minute, I decided to go to the EU-Startups Summit 2019. I had a great time networking with the European ecosystem. In addition to making great contacts and meeting influencers, I had a few discussions with VCs that motivated me to consider MyCTOfriend as a startup and maybe raise some funds. 

Goal: I’ll follow up on #2 and keep you updated on where it’s going to lead us. 
Note: You can also find this article on LinkedIn here: https://outoftech.com/amauryonlinkedin