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We’re back and I’m happy to report what MyCTOfriend and I have been up to in the last month with my usual retrospective. This summer we’ve been super focused on repositioning our offer and preparing for our fundraising round.

We based our offer revamp on the feedback we gathered back in June from our incredible community. Our long-term strategy is to boost our expert human CTO skills with AI, to help expand and distribute our knowledge. While we build up to that the introduction of our initial “Startup GPS” assessment, and the separation of our coaching into a monthly program plus modules, we’ve reinforced the flexibility, affordability and customization that makes MyCTOfriend your ideal guide in Startup Tech management.

Are you interested in knowing where you’re -really- at with your startup project? We’ve already performed several GPS assessments as part of a beta testing stage, and you will be able to reap the benefits and get your assessment very soon.

To be the first to know when it happens, sign up to our waitlist here: https://myctofriend.co/coaching

I’m super excited for all that’s ahead and I wish you a great back to work.

As usual, for more details you have everything below.


This month’s results vs goals

Next month’s goals

Content production (Video, blog & podcast)  We haven’t decided yet what our strategy will be to restart communication at a larger scale. Our focus has been on fine-tuning the offer and its presentation. We will reach out for the pre-launch and launch of the new offer mid-September. We will use the second part of September to prepare our content production restart in October.
MyCTOfriend product offer revamp (unexpected) We announced the launch of the new offer and produced an introduction video of it: http://myctofriend.co/coaching

We also moved forward with presentation pages for the new MyCTOFriend website.

Test our new offer and positioning. This new positioning with lower entry offer will allow early startups with smaller budgets to benefit from our coaching.
‘Startup Without CTO’ book I did write a lot but it was not for my book, but for the new GPS assessment tool we developed. In fact, I realised that the report this new tool will produce is kind of like a fully customised book, with only the chapters that the assessed founder would need. As if someone wrote tech startup how to book, just for you! I do believe I’ll come back to the proper book writing, but between everything we have on our plate these days, it just cannot be our priority.


none for now.
Online courses This one was here for a while and was one of the main things we were offering at MyCTOFriend. After revamping our offer and positioning, we decided that our online courses will be retired as a stand-alone product. Building a startup is very challenging and courses alone are not enough to achieve big things and get you out of your comfort zone. That’s why from now on they’ll come as part of our coaching program, so not only will our clients get that extra push, but they’ll know exactly how to channel it. None except removing online courses from our website.
Fundraising We are getting everything prepared and fast approaching investor-ready status, which means being ready to take massive action. So our new offer positioning is one of the most important things to validate in order to trigger the fundraising.


Moving forward in the process with the help of our dedicated mentors.
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