Sharing experience and knowledge is my real passion.
What I love the most is to share a point of view, not specifically in a top-down manner, but more about what works and what doesn’t, and about always being willing to learn from other people’s experiences.
Every piece of content you’ll find here has been created based on a real situation.

My wins and fails for 2017

So here’s what I’ve been up to from the beginning of 2017, and above all, what winning techniques I’ve developed that enabled me to achieve more throughout the year. First off, as a reminder, here is my goal-setting article published at the beginning of 2017.

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Focus on one business at a time

The startup founder is an entrepreneur by nature. That can mean having a natural eye for identifying the next opportunity or trend. While that trait can be beneficial, it can also lead to a founder losing focus and spreading their energies too thinly.

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Keep communicating with the client

While your focus is on developing a successful product and evolving it over time to meet the demands of your users, as well as growing the best team to do just that, it is important to not lose sight of essential business strategies along the way. Those who do not focus on business operations, including maintaining relationships, may find they lack a key ingredient: the customer.

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Collective intelligence

It has been explained, in terms of quantifying its effects, as 1+1=3, which illustrates the fact that the sharing of ideas and points of view can, in fact, generate more ideas than each of the combined individuals working as one. I am by no means an expert in collective intelligence, however, I do recognize its value and the importance for any startup.

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How to manage production with many users

While your user community will understand that there are different processes involved in order to deliver high standards and ensure that a site is running as it should, that does not mean they should be a witness to it. Running updates when it impacts customers, or debugging in real-time when users can see work going on, can create a poor customer experience. Here are some rules all startups should apply when it comes to updates and site maintenance.

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Why information systems are the heart of any tech startup

Startup founders are all about their vision, their purpose for doing what they are doing. This means they are often far away from many of the details their product will need in order to be developed. One of these is information systems. Because an information system is the place where information is stored and where the magic begins and happens, it is important that founders step away from the big picture to understand what will be the heart of their project.

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