Sharing experience and knowledge is my real passion.
What I love the most is to share a point of view, not specifically in a top-down manner, but more about what works and what doesn’t, and about always being willing to learn from other people’s experiences.
Every piece of content you’ll find here has been created based on a real situation.

Raising funds without a technical background

At some point along the path of every startup, there will likely be a need to raise funds. In order to demonstrate your vision, and show investors why they should invest and be confident in that investment, there are some operational and technical management skills you must demonstrate.

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Energy management is the key to success in business and life as an entrepreneur

Most startup founders and entrepreneurs launch their businesses, in part, so they can lead the lives they want and achieve work-life balance, or so they can chart their own paths to success. I hear from many though who end up working more hours than expected, who can’t seem to get control of their lives and who burn out or do not succeed because they fail to find a way to manage their energy in an effective way. I would like to share with you my secret for energy management and as you read, ask you to consider how these strategies might look in your own life.

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Why and how you should evaluate your developer

It is important for everyone within an organization to regularly evaluate where they are in their careers, what progress they have made, whether their goals still align with the company, and where they would like to be in the future. As a startup founder, it is important that you encourage this — particularly when it comes to your developer — to ensure the success and continuation of your company.

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Technology breeds investment

Most startups begin simply with an investment by the founder. Just as many will seek investors at some point or another in the process as a way to drive future growth. Whether that investment will be coming from a bank or from a private investor, technology and your marketing plan can be the two variables that can shift their decision. Your best chance to attract investment is to consider both.

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February 2018: Personal retrospective

There have been two unexpected achievements this month. The first is that the Montpellier Business School has invited me to teach a course in their startup program, which I’ve accepted. The students and I have already been having a lot of fun talking about building tech startups and prototyping. The second one is that I took the opportunity to go on a holiday and speak at a conference abroad. So I’ll be in Malta tomorrow and it’s going to be fun.

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What you need to consider when scaling up

Think of your business like a car and the growth stage as a new season. Just as your vehicle goes through a checklist, measuring its performance capability to ensure safety while driving, stockpiling the equipment you need, and ensuring any fine tune-ups and adjustments are complete before the changing weather hits, so too does your business need to go through a check-up. Here is a list of things to inspect and obtain before you grow.

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Why you should never manage a server by yourself

One of the most basic and essential components of a tech startup is a website. Many people though, underestimate the importance of, and the time required to manage the essential heart of the website – the server. Here are some basics you must understand in order to appreciate why you never want to manage a server by yourself.

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How to make your infrastructure more secure

The ease of technology today means most startups can begin with something small that may only take months or even days to develop. As the product grows, as traffic increases, and as the product’s visibility rises in the marketplace, there is also a greater risk of threat. Here are a few simple things you can do to ensure your infrastructure is more secure.

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What standards do I need to set for my product?

With the technology and resources available today, anyone can claim they are a startup simply because they have an idea they are developing, and perhaps even testing on a small market. In order to truly move from that backroom effort, there are some basic issues you need to consider.

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My developer is working on his own project and may be leaving

In any tech startup, the developer plays a key role in how a product moves forward. As a founder, you’ve spent a great deal of time finding the right developer, ensuring they had the skills required, that they were a good fit, and that they shared your vision to help turn your dream into something real. What is also real, however, is that even after all of that, your developer may not stay with you for the long term.

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