There is lots of great Pitch on the Internet, But when it comes to create our own elevator pitch, it’s quite difficult to get start. For me creating a pitch is a matter of giving a message with a dedicated emotion.


The process

From my point of view, creating a elevator pitch is like a brainstorming. You need to put lots of content as sentences list, or as post-it. Don’t worries if it’s too long, let put content, sentence you like… at the end, once you’ll have everything you need to say, you’ll prioritize and say some with sentences, and say others things by insinuating.


What is your goal?

First of all, before writing anything. Ask you self this question:

“What are your goal ?”

It might sounds obvious, but you need to say what outcome you want from this elevator pitch. What it your “call to action”. This part will comes at the end of your pitch but you have to keep it mind during all the process.


I’ll pitch in front of who ?

Before preparing a pitch, the first things is to know who is going to listen my pitch and above all why. Is it potential customers? Angel investors? Accelerators? Venture Capital?

Any how, my recommendation should be : “Customer first”. If your pitch is able to convince new customers, it will be lots more easy ton convince investors.


Defining what you audience care

Once you’ve identified your audience, lets ask few question for all of them:


What are there motivations?

  • What motives a potential customer?
  • What motives a Venture Capital?

You should say during the pitch why your product, service, team are the best one for them. Get start by writing some attractive sentences of what motives them.


What are their fears?

In addition to say why the should choose you, You also need to say that you’ve understood them. I mean:

  • I know you
  • I know what are your daily issues
  • I know what your think : “Yes, but what if … “ then you know what ? We’ve anticipated this situation for you.

Show up that you care of them. Instead of saying you care them, demonstrate them up. You will be with them whatever its happened. And you have a perfect control of their worst dread.


What should be in the pitch

Context: might sounds obvisou but it’s require to say for who this pitch is dedicated and in witch field are you. IT, biology, Sales…

Who are you : in addition to say your name and the name of your company, above all you need to say why are you here, why do you exist and what are your believes. I highly recommend to see this famous video :

What are the issues that you solve : It might be good to put this part just after the “Why” just above. Sometimes, just by describing a situation, with a small storytelling, it’s easier to give a message.

What you do and how you do it : again it’s matter of saying why you are passionate by what you do. Why is it so exiting, Why you are happy to serve you customer everyday…

Why this way of doing things is the best than ever: In other word, what is you unique selling proposition? What sentence describe you the best. Bring it as obviousness, It comes from a logic, the answer is logic, help you audience to think like you.

Make it interactive to engage: Feel confortable to ask some question. What do you think if…? You might wonder … even if you don’t expect some answer, make it interactive. Help you audience the freewill to share what they think.

Trustability : In my opinion, it’s not require to debate all your portfolio to convince. Make it insinuated, don’t worry, if people like you pitch and you mindset, they will check you track record later. As example: by saying: “90% of my customers …”, you insinuate that you have many customer. And it’s enough.

Call to action: And before the end, you should say very clearly what you are looking for …


Gathering what to say

Now you might have many sentences blocs, I hope lots more than you need.

My recommendation should be to start you pitch with a context situation or an analogy that helps your audience to understand very quickly what is the problem you address.

It might be: “Before to get start let me share this show story: The other day … “

There is an infinite way for introducing your context. Make it original, make an impression!

Once you have your introduction, select the bests sentences you’ve note during the writing and mix it. Double check that you follow a logic flow line.


What words to use

Like paying attention to the “body language”, using the right word is powerful. Almost never use complicated and negative words. Try to put a maximum of positive words, bring positive emotion to you audience. Think back what are their fears and bring the right words to comfort them.

Keep it “positive” and “simple”.


Practice and tricks

Again, obvious… but let me share fews tricks for training :

Record you self: Listen and watch yourself is the far best way to improve you pitch.

Learn it by heart : It’s require for the beginning to learn by heart your pitch, then you’ll be able to make it more natural by changing few words or sentences naturally.

Make it understandable for children : You pitch should be understandable for a 10 years old children. If it’s not, make it more simple… it should be understandable by almost everyone

Restart from scratch few times : This tricks is very personal, restart on a white blank paper is the best way to put things in another words. Try it

Share your draft pitch video to you friends: Ask feedback to everyone with your video. Not quite easy, but very powerfull. It’s frequent to see someone who didn’t understand what you do. It helps you to make it understandable for everyone

Ask other to pitch your business for you : again a personal tricks, after saying you pitch to someone, ask them to pitch you activity for you and record it. This is amazing how other are able to put in a simple manner what you do.


My pitch

I’m sorry I didn’t record my pitch in English yet, but it will come soon…

Here is the french one :

What about you

Do you have other techniques?

How do you feel when you pitch your project?

Share your experience…