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Book writing Goal: Create a mind map of the book and write another chapter. Nothing! In the beginning of February, my interviewer-writer told me that she cannot commit to writing the book with me. I find it difficult to imagine writing the book the old way, so I’ve decided to postpone that project until she’s available again or until I find another writer.

Goal: Just do the mind map of the book. It will help me to structure all the ideas I have in mind anyway, even if I do not move forward right away. 

Email communication

Goal #1: Publish Out of Tech weekly emails. Fail. Even after publishing the blog articles, I didn’t take the time to write the corresponding emails. I’m planning to simply dictate the content of the weekly email to my writer right after doing the interview with her for these blog posts.

Goal #2: Publish and batch-produce AskMyCTO videos: Batching is fine, but my difficulty was in getting more good questions from real startups.

Goal #1: Dictate weekly email at the end of each blog post article explaining where the idea for the article came from, and send it out to blog post subscribers. 

Goal #2: Streamline my process to get more questions from startups. Mention this in my surveys, and in follow-ups with clients, etc.


Course creation Goal: Produce and publish the technology brainstorming course. Done. The new course has been integrated in the Startup Technical Plan Program Goal: Next month is not a production but a promotion month. I will move forward on the content of the Startup Technical Plan’s general requirement course (I need to find a better name). This course will walk people through the most common methodology to build a startup and the challenges to expect from the day one to the startups’ growth. It also includes a bit of personal recommendation on the mindset, attitude and programs startup founders should consider.
Course promotion Goal: Do two promotion videos for the two courses. I finished four promo videos—the My CTO Friend main video, the roadmap definition course promo video, the technology brainstorming course promo video, and the mentoring promo video. Goal: This month is all about optimizing lead generation and conversion. I’ll test and put my courses on marketplaces like Udemy and run a bit of Facebook ads to see how I can get more leads and buyers/users. 
Social media presence Goal: Be more active on social media. I am active on social media, but I feel like I’ve spent more time looking at other people’s content that than actually sharing and promoting my content. I still have to learn how to use more effectively.

Goal #1: Do three live videos from time to time just to share the behind-the-scenes of my business. 

Goal #2: Find the app or process to control notifications. 

Website improvement Goal: Lots of things have been acheived in this area. The updated OutOfTech.com was published at beginning of February and myCTOfriend.co was relaunched in the middle of February. It includes brand new pages about my background and experience, the mentoring that I do, and the online courses that I’ve created for startup founders. Goal: Just spend 15 minutes daily on it until I find a better way to use it.
Consulting to mentoring transformation Goal: My goal was to move from an entire day of consulting session to small mentoring sessions so that I am able to help more startups. The initial feedback has just been great. The only worry I have is about my energy management. Doing five mentoring sessions one after the other is very energy-consuming. I will see if it’s something that I get used to, otherwise I will need to plan more breaks throughout the day and maybe increase the mentoring session rates a bit to balance the demand. Goal: Move forward and develop a strategy to make the online mentoring sessions more balanced between results and my input. 
Unexpected achievements

Win #1: There have been two unexpected achievements this month. The first is that the Montpellier Business School has invited me to teach a course in their startup program, which I’ve accepted. The students and I have already been having a lot of fun talking about building tech startups and prototyping. 

Win #2: The second one is that I took the opportunity to go on a holiday and speak at a conference abroad. So I’ll be in Malta tomorrow and it’s going to be fun. If you want to join us, check out: https://outoftech.com/amauryinmalta.



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