I want to conclude this amazing year by sharing with you what I have accomplished and how much I’ve learned during 2015.

After shutting down my startup in 2014, 2015 has been the perfect year for my transition from one startup project to more than 15 projects from other startups that are all paying clients.

A brand new market discovery

Throughout this year I have learned the wants and needs of startups around IT management expertise. The biggest challenge I faced was to figure out how to provide great value in a very short period of time. This allows them to budget the costs of my services in a precise manner.

These are the steps I take to achieve this:

– Providing a 360 analysis from an ex-Startup CEO

– Providing best practices for IT management based on my own experience and growing my client’s customer base. (All startups have 1 to 30 employees.)

– Quickly being able to perform a deep analysis on their product, service and currently used technology while using this information to develop cohesive teamwork.

All that value combined with a true desire to help my clients grow and sharing our combined experience allows us to teach best practices. This allows startups to be much more effective and achieve faster growth and product development.

2015 results

As person with a passion for startups, in 2015, I exclusively worked with startups on their projects and this years’ experience just confirmed this new positioning were I set myself.

As I like using KPI ( Key Performance Indicator), here is a few of mine this year :

– 14 Independent startup projects. (Paying clients)

– 2 projects mentored through Incubator/Accelerator

– 2 Accelerator where I provide expert advice : TVT innovation and Marseille Innovation

– 7 Technical audits and recommendations

– 8 projects on qualifications and defining their roadmap

– 2 Startups that migrated to Amazon Web Services ( High Availability Infrastructure)

– 4 IT process analysis

– 21 Blog posts to share with other startups best practices in both French and English

– 327 pages of documentation

– 34 schema/diagrams

– more than 1000 post-it used

– more than 10K advice gave to entrepreneurs

– 427 cups of tea 🙂

What I’ve learned in 2015

– The effectiveness of having a coach

– To be more productive and understand that there is really no limit to personal development.

– Applying the bests practices I provide to my clients to my own business.

– Doing my own retrospective with almost every working customer in order to come up with a process that can be useful with other customers.

– Industrializing the communication and evaluation tools by designing my customer workflow.

– How important is it to have a trustworthy people in your network with complementary skills.

(Thanks to co-working spaces 😃)

What I would do differently

This is a difficult question that I often ask myself… When you have just fnished a project you unfortunately don’t always have the insight to improve the way we did the job.

The main thing I would do differently or maybe sooner is analyzing deeper and at the beginning the startups needs by meeting more of them and by sharing my hypothesis.

This leads me to improve my positioning and the efficiency of my communication sooner.

I’ve started to use coaching services on the beginning of 2015, but I should’ve started to use this kind of service as soon as I began my startup more than 3 years ago.


I’m pretty satisfied by 2015, discovering this new startup market that is 100% aligned and adapted to my skills combined with my passion for creativity and innovation. This discovery presents me with an even better 2016 with plenty of challenges that I’m will share with you on my next blog post.

As always, you are more than welcome to comment, share or even share your own retrospective for this year…


Thanks to all my clients that contributed to making 2015 so great : 

  • Keeex
  • Makemezic
  • Totem
  • Stardust
  • Aidn
  • Ed smile
  • Cairop
  • Guru
  • Fraud Buster
  • Beebr
  • On Air
  • My Art sphere
  • CP+ Formation
  • Managexam

Thanks to accelerators and incubators

  • Marseille Innovation
  • TVT innovation

And their incubated projects:

  • Data shopping
  • Com’fiz