Goals results

Lessons learned

Pure online income results

Measuring goals is not always an easy thing, especially if you want to be objective. You can see above how I feel this month about my latest achievements. This is my personal perception based on the details I review below.


This month’s results vs goals

Next month’s goals

Book writing Goal: move forward. I‘ve basically finished the first chapter. It’s tough to plan and make sure we stick to them. I definitely need to dedicate an entire time slot to writing. Mornings are my best creative time.

Goal: Mind-map all the topics that I want to cover in the book. Finish another chapter. 

Email communication Goal #1: Create emailing template and process. I’ve started to clarify the way I send out my emails to my list. Now that things are clearer, I have three types of recurring emails:
Out of Tech blog posts; my personal blog post mailing list where I will share a new article every week.
2) My CTO Friend weekly updates with the AskMyCTO video blog.
3) My Growth Record email letting all the subscribers know the retrospective of my monthly work Goal #2: Switch from the CTO Tips format to AskMyCTO the FAQ video format. (Done. I’ve published the very first one here: http://myctofriend.co/videos/)
Goal #1: The My CTO Friend and Growth Record email processes are up, but not the Out of Tech weekly blog posts. The goal is to put the process in place to allow me to publish these additional weekly emails with less effort.

Goal #2: Keep publishing AskMyCTO and batching the production so only one day a month is spent to it.

Course creation This month was not a production month.  Goal: Create and publish the new tech brainstorming course which will help founders build more innovative projects. 
Course promotion Goal: Create two sales videos for existing courses. (I’ve only finished one: http://myctofriend.co/selectingtherightprovidercourse.) Goal: Create and publish the promotion video for the free courses:
1) General requirement
2) Tech brainstorming
3) Roadmap definition 
Social media presence Goal: Do my best to be on social media. I always feel like I’m not productive on social media. I should find a process, a notification app that will let me control the time slot when I want to accept social media notifications, and plan some daily time slot to reply and interact. (This is a work in progress.) Goal #1: Do three live videos from time to time just to share the behind-the-scenes of my business. 

Goal #2: Find the app or process to control notifications. 

Website improvement Goal: Turn OutOfTech.com into a personal website. It’s almost done. I’ll get rid of the Service page and just leave the Blog posts, the About page, and above all the Growth Record page. If you are reading this, it means you are on the new version! Goal: Update myCTOfriend.co.
Create a promotion video for myCTOfriend.
2) Create a testimonial video based on real clients and online students interview. 


I feel good! But I’m not satisfied that I wasn’t be able to reach my income goals set last October. Being able to sell something online is a result of so many details like great content, reputation, social proof and others, and I’m working on each of them one at a time. 

Biggest lesson learned

The power of social proof. Every single client I got was sent by someone else or was someone I met in person previously. 

This month, I listened to Jeff Walker’s book Launch, which was great in helping me understand the process before coming up to a sale. 

I also realized that within the three words that define marketing ( known, trusted and liked ) that I do not pay much more attention to “liked.” I’m confident about my work and the way I do things, so knowing that people like or do not like me does not bother me so much. But the thing is, I’m not a robot. And I run the risk of people seeing me as one and not as a human if I don’t do something about it. So, to balance that, what I’ve decided is  start doing some live broadcasts on Facebook.

Let me know what you think. Any feedback is welcome!