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Book writing Review: My goal was to mind map the book with all the topic I had in mind. I did it and I shared it on social media: https://outoftech.com/bookmindmap. Actually, this work motivates me to create an all-in-one workshop and online course. Kind of a “how-to” for early-stage startup entrepreneurs to help them understand what it takes to build a startup from zero to a million. This course shows the positioning of my book, and I will go back to writing in May. Not sure if I will be using a ghostwriter, but I’m thinking of dedicating an entire week to just writing.

Goal: Keep it in standby mode. 

Email communication Review: This one is definitely a fail for this month. I didn’t send any email, not even one, nada… to all my lists (I know that’s a shame. Let me try to find excuses…). Regarding the weekly AskMyCTO videos, I’m struggling to get questions from startups that are ready to share their concepts. But for all the new blog posts this month, they all have corresponding emails that I’ve written with my writer, so you should receive an email as soon as an OutOfTech.com blog post is published. If you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here: http://outoftech.com/blog/. Goal #1: Make sure I include the email content every time I get a blog post created with my writer, and double-check to make sure we send it out to all the Out of Tech subscribers.

Goal #2: Same a before, streamline my process to get more questions from startups. So if you have a tech question for your startup that you want answered in a video, just submit it here: http://myctofriend.co/askmyctoform.

Course creation Review: March was not a production month for me. The only goal I had was to find a title for my next course, Startup tech challenges: From 0 to millions. I’m very excited and I’m looking forward to producing and publishing it this April. Any specific topic that you would like me to talk in the course, just share it in the comments section below.   Goal: Create, record and publish my new course, Startup tech challenges: From 0 to millions, before the 24th of this month. 
Course promotion Review: I did publish my courses on Udemy and within a week, I got 3,000 subscribers to my courses. It’s a great platform but I do not consider it for managing paid courses. They control, prices, the audience, communication, etc. I don’t want to build my house on a rented land.? This was still a good experience, and I will keep using Udemy to share my free courses.  Goal: My focus is social media. Having tested Facebook ads for a bit, I prefer to engage people by real interaction. That’s my current big challenge. 
Social media presence Review: I’m getting better! I did my first mini buzz (30 likes). Yes, I know that can be nothing for some of you, but for me that’s the best I ever did. I’m starting to get a feel for it — the role of each social media channel, and I’m already thinking of a systematic yet personal way to manage it. Goal #1: Publish 3 customized posts on social media per week.

Goal #2: Publish 1 course promotion post every week.

Goal #3: Put in place an automation to manage the entire process quickly and easily.  

Website improvement Review: Haven’t set much last month for this.  Goal #1: Update my About page here on OutOfTech.com with a personal introspective. I will also be sharing a few more pictures of me when I was young.? Be ready to laugh for a bit. I will share with you what led me to what I am today.

Goal #2: Add a public speaking page with a few videos to my personal website. (You will see why below.)

Consulting to mentoring transformation Review: It’s set! The blog post that reached 30 likes was the one about that transformation. I have to say that I still have a small worry about the time it’s going to take to be profitable. Last month, I only did two days of consulting while I was more between four to six usually. As I shared on my mentoring page, mentoring is more complex. It pays less, but it’s the natural transition from “one to many.”  Goal #1: Set up the automatic payment for mentoring. I have to say that managing small payments of 200€ plus having to control who paid and who didn’t is a bit annoying and will be a nightmare when I reach 10 mentoring sessions a week. 

Goal #2: Set up a follow-up sequence to allow people to share what they have been up to since the last meeting. Start thinking of a centralized way to manage mentoring benchmark solutions and sharing recorded sessions more easily.

Unexpected achievements Review: The Malta conference I did in the beginning of March was great. Turning what was supposed to be a holiday into a business trip and planning a conference two weeks before, and having 40 people show up, interested in what I do, is for me a big win. It’s a big win because it confirms that all over the world, people have the same difficulties when it come to building startups. It’s also a big win because even if my online course sales are currently not as good as I wanted, the “in person” conference attracts more and more people. This leads me to create a new section in my Growth Record: public speaking. 
Public speaking My recent retrospective led me to do public speaking, and I have to say that I truly enjoyed it. So my goal now is to turn my conference from the how-to format, into an inspirational format. I’ll be adding more emotions in my talks, which is easy because building a startup involves a roller-coaster of emotions. I think I will challenge myself to do a TED talk in English someday.  Goal: Plan two public speaking events every month, either locally of remotely. I’d prefer it to be in English, but French would be fine too. So if you know of any organization, school or event that’s looking for an expert on building and growing a startup, I will be more than happy to get involved as a speaker.

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