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Here it is—May is over and summer is about to come here in Europe. The past month has not been as productive as the previous one for severals reasons—several holidays, an almost week-long startup boot camp, etc…

But I’ve still made some progress, especially in publication and social media.

My biggest realization this month is that I thrive thanks to my ecosystem, the local incubators, accelerators and through word-of-mouth of startups I’ve worked with.

But what if I had to restart from scratch?

Thinking about this was exactly what I needed. My current network is mostly based in France, even though I offer online courses to the entire world.

So this month, I go international with my speed one-on-one meetings, setting up my profile on a worldwide freelance marketplace. I’m excited and scared at the same time to see how people will respond to my profile and my personality, even without having previous “online” recommendations.

By the way, below is the introduction video I created just for that which includes a few testimonials (thanks to Alexandre, Vincent and Deborah who appeared in it)… more coming soon.


This month’s results vs goals

Next month’s goals

Book writing Review: As I said two months ago, circumstances forced me to postpone this project. This is not my priority, but I want to keep it as a mid-term goal. 

Goal: Keep it in standby mode. 

Email communication

Review #1: My mailing system and processes are now set. I tend to send out email weekly for both OutOfTech and myCTOfriend. Not everything is perfect as I skipped one week for both this month.

Review #2: On the second goal I had, which was to find a way to get more questions from founders, I finally find a work-around. I’ll just be mentioning the founder’s first name but not their company name so that they can stay anonymous and will not need their permission to share their tech concern. 

Goal #1: Prepare email ahead of time. I waste too much time doing it the last minute.

Goal #2: Review the follow-up sequence of my courses as well as that of my other offers.

Goal #3: I recently discovered the tool  Bonjoro and love it. So instead of lots of social media messages, I will just drop some video message to my contacts to keep in touch.  

Course creation Review: May was not a course-production month.   Goal: Regarding my objectives this year, June is supposed to be a production month. But in terms of the audience that actually buy and subscribe to my courses, I believe that I need to focus my energy on communicating with them instead of creating more courses. I will dedicate this time to create AskMyCTO videos ahead of time so that I can be sure to never miss a publication and be more efficient in using social media. 
Course promotion Review: I did review my sales page, I did create a new promo video for the new course Zero to Million Users, but I was not able to create any new video for myCTOfriend. 

Goal #1: This is the time to update and improve the main presentation video of myCTOfriend. I have already decided to focus more on the benefits of developing the right thing the right way. Make sure you follow me on Facebook and Twitter, I will let you know as soon as it’s published. 

Goal #2: I already put my courses on Udemy. I believe that my courses can be published on other platforms, so I will check out other available platforms and publish there to reach more people.

Social media presence

Review #1: Publish 3 customized posts per week… KO

Review #2: Publish 1 course promotion post per week… KO

Review #3: Put in place automation… KO

Review #4: Join several Facebook groups and start helping people and sharing AskMyCTO videos… KO. I just subscribed to them, but haven’t yet shared as much as I should. 

Having such a production focus, I really have some difficulties trying to be more efficient on social media. I supposed we need to spend time on it first to get the full advantage, but I’m not sure if it’s worth spending a lot of time on for an undefined result. I honestly prefer actual interactions with incubators and accelerators. 

Goal: To make sure I consistently post on social media this month, here is the strategy:

  • Monday: AskMyCTO + myCTOfriend newsletters (new course, questions on new/next topic, etc.)
  • Tuesday: Teaser from the Zero to Million Users course
  • Wednesday: Strong positioning opinion through my Medium account, just a small text to explain a point of view on a specific and recurring situation
  • Thursday: Teaser from the Zero to Million Users course
  • Friday: OutOfTech blog post + mailing list

My goal is to program all these future posts ahead of time. 

Website improvement Review #1 & #2: The only real optimization I did was on the Zero to Million sales page (even though this course is free). I missed the two other goals though which were to improve the speaker page and the about page on outoftech.com.  Goal: Publish the about page and the speaker page with a great video presenting what I can do for startup events. 
Consulting to mentoring transformation Review: This is my focus this time. Moving from a successful consulting business to a very short and recorded session has lots of benefits. I am able to help people on a longer-term basis since they pay less, I have more free time to work with startups, and I am able to work with more founders. The temporary drawback is that I currently do not have a good enough number of clients to provide me the same income I was getting in consulting. That is also why I set aside the automatic system I was planning to do to focus on the freelance marketplace to get some visibility.  Goal: The challenge is this: get new mentoring clients overseas. Having most of my one-on-one clients based in France does not help me build online courses that fit a worldwide audience. That’s why this month, I will publish my profile on an international marketplace and see how it goes. I aim to get 3 to 4 new clients by the end of the June
Public speaking Review: The public speaking gig I did was for the Startup Bootcamp at Montpellier Business school. It was two conferences, in fact. It was great. And even if the 760 students were not in the amphitheater, I was able to guide 200 to 300 attendees on organizing a startup team as well as on defining the cost of a digital project.  Goal: None. 
Unexpected achievements Review: My recent realization was that I do business in my own area, with the trust of local incubators, accelerators and the startup network I’ve built over the past six years. But what if I had nothing? What if I had to restart from scratch? And that’s exactly what I’m about to do with the speed one-on-one meeting that I’m offering on a global marketplace. This new venture is exciting and scary at the same time. I know that people will judge me based exclusively on my online profile without yet making an online reputation for myself through recommendations. In any case, I feel this is a new hurdle I need to overcome to make my online business successful.  
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