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This month has taught me a lot, specially through the funding process with my new mentor. After analysing our content and the response it’s been getting, we had to make an important decision: MyCTOfriend will halt content production while we re-evaluate and redefine the customer journey, and figure out the best way and time for our content to influence it.

This also gives me more time to prepare for fundraising and improve the overall sales process, by using the deeper empathy analysis we will be developing along the way.

In parallel to this I’m also moving to a new region, Ardeche to be more specific. I’ve been conducting my business at 95% online and the rest has been spent mentoring in incubators. While my coaching will remain the same, this is the time to test and work on our online acquisition, since most of my clients still come from in-person interactions. I feel a bit like when I launched my first startup; ready to make the big jump without really knowing what’s below ? .

Anyway, I will keep you updated per usual in the next few months, this full online shift will surely teach me a lot of good things on MyCTOfriend’s scaling potential.

If you want more details on this month’s retrospective, as usual, continue reading below.



This month’s results vs goals

Next month’s goals

Monthly OutOfTech blog posts & weekly MyCTOfriend videos 

We’ve been working on automation and we can now almost publish our content with just a few clicks, generating the necessary pdf downloadables, images, transcripts and so on, along the way. We still need to fine tune the automation but we are definitely on the right path.

Hard decision to make: We are pausing the  AskMyCTO video production for a month or two. I’ve been producing very valuable content that answers my clients’ questions; however, the fact that they are already my clients, shows they are more aware of their needs. People on the web might be further behind in the process of understanding their own needs.

That’s why we are reviewing the editorial direction to make sure our content reaches more of our online targets as well, and helps them when they need it. 

As we are pausing production, the goal of this month is to optimise the content already published in the past, as well as going deeper into our customer journey analysis, and produce more purposeful content again soon. We will also tackle improving the AskMyCTO overall format.
‘Startup Without a CTO’ book

We were able to write the first 5 chapters. Just like we’re handling our video series AskMyCTO, we are halting content production to make sure that our writing fits better with our improved customer journey. The tone of the book might be readjusted based on that. 

Hard decision, but I’m going to pause writing in June to focus on the MyCTOfriend customer journey. We’ll come back to it stronger in July and August to finish this book with a better angle.
MyCTOfriend podcast

We were back on episode production after a month-long break, since back in April we had recorded 7-8 episodes ahead. Our upcoming episodes are sales oriented and even though we’ve already recorded a couple of them, filled with a lot of great tips and advice, our sales process is one of the things we are set to improve in this re-evaluation period. So we’ve decided to wrap up season 1 of our Podcast with 12 episodes.


To make sure our Startup MVP Sales series episodes have all the value we are capable of providing, we will publish them to start off Season 2 after our content production break. There we will include everything we’ll learn in this upcoming month, plus the valuable advice we already had for our first iteration of the episodes. Like always, stay tuned.
Online courses I definitely need to review the on-boarding process. We found that the customer journey work is required beforehand.   I’ll start preparing a few videos to improve the sales process, while we work on redefining the customer journey. The production of these videos should happen on the beginning of July.
Growing the MyCTOfriend team

We are improving the way we work with Mitchie very quickly. I’m glad that she is now jumping on to the company’s strategy and helping me with all the decisions we have to make. It’s really enjoyable not having to be a one-man company, but instead being able to make decisions as a team.

We should be able to have a redefined customer journey by the end of next month. To achieve that we will focus on reviewing the facts and information we have gathered throughout the years, and structure the most relevant for brainstorming session at the end of June.
Improving the funnel and onboarding process I’ve been analysing my sales meeting style and I can say there is room for improvement.  I’ll review my sales’ techniques while preparing the podcast series on this topic, and I’ll review my customer interactions to better prepare for prospective clients in our full-online shift.

We’ve also been working on MyCTOfriend’s pitch deck and I already participated on my first pitch contest, to practice and get feedback as soon as possible. It’s improving at the right pace and we are moving slowly but surely toward getting investments. 

To finish the pitch deck and to have a nice pitch by the end of the month. I might go to a couple of important investor sessions in July and need to be ready for them.


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