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It’s not always easy to build a business when you’re willing to do everything for the good of your clients. Everything I do—video course production, speaking and recorded one-on-one consulting sessions—are dramatically improving the value I give to startups. And while it allows me to work with much more clients throughout this transition, it has also made it more challenging for me to get enough clients to reach my financial goals.

If before, having three to four projects in parallel were enough for me to earn a living, I now need to have at least 10 projects in parallel just to pay the bills. And while it’s great because now I have more use cases and a broader network, I have also found it more challenging to get more clients and offer them a few hours of my time while a Web agency of developers get thousands from a single client.

But I believe in this type model, and the feedback I get from my current clients help me to stick with this setup.

For myCTOfriend, I have to say that the business model hasn’t been found so far, but I will keep producing content until I find it. It has helped me create a high-level of value for my one-on-one clients though and it has also enabled me to see what works and what doesn’t on social media.

My goal for this summer is definitely to step back, do some reflection, and improve both my one-on-one consulting and online course offers for September. Regarding what I have in the pipe, I expect to be more and more active in teaching, which is something I really love doing.

By the way, I’d like to ask for 2 minutes of your time to answer a few questions here: https://outoftech.com/myctofriendform.

It will help me a lot in providing more valuable content to help startups overcome tech management challenges and build their product.  


This month’s results vs goals

Next month’s goals

Book writing Review: As I’ve decided three months ago, this project is in standby mode but is still in the back of my mind. 

Goal: Keep it in standby mode. 

Email communication Review #1: Prepare ahead of time: Done! I was very happy to be able to publish all my emails, blog posts and videos on time for the entire month. I’ve dedicated an entire day to video production which allows me to not worry about it anymore for the rest of the month. This is definitely the way to go and I’m going to stick to it.

Review #2: Review the follow-up sequence: 50%. I did it for my courses but not for all my sales funnels. 

Review #3: Use the app Bonjoro to send a video message to new users as well as previous contacts: Done, and it works very well. People appreciate that I take the time to do it. It’s quick and doesn’t require me more than two to three minutes by video. 

Goal: Review my follow-up sequence to invite people from social media to get access to my technical plan document.
Course creation Review: I decided last month to stop creating paid courses for few months and instead start promoting what I already have. I have to say that I have two courses in mind—the first one on remote team management, and the second one on a systematized process of producing videos that I use. The last one is not really related to myCTOfriend, but it’s something people keep asking me on a regular basis. So if I get more traction on that, I will definitely go for it.   Goal: I do not expect to produce a course this month, but I will just be preparing some content for the remote team management course in order to easily produce this course in August. In the meantime, if you have any topic you would like me to focus on, ask it on: myctofriend.co/videos
Course promotion Review #1: Update the main video on myCTOfriend.co: KO. This month, I put most of my energy on trying to get new coaching clients from other countries, so I focused more on my personal brand than myCTOfriend promotion. 

Review #2: Publish on other platforms. I just published my course Zero to Million Users on YouTube, including the captions for the 24 videos. Thanks to Kyle, my American intern who did a great job. 

Goal: Produce the new main video for myCTOfriend
Social media presence Review: Post regular content on social media, which I’m pretty satisfied with. Thanks again to Kyle, I was able to publish new content on social media almost on a daily basis by using my course video, the weekly AskMyCTO video, and my weekly blog post. I wasn’t able to publish a weekly Medium article, but I was able to do a few ones. Not a big deal so far Goal: Stick to this publication plan and plan ahead to pre-schedule the publication for August as I will take a bit of time off
Website improvement Review: Publish the About page and the Speaker page. The Speaker page has been published and I’m pretty satisfied with it. What do you think: outoftech.com/speaking? The new About page hasn’t been published yet but it’s almost done. I want to double-check first before I put too much personal information on it.  Goal: Just publish the About page with more personal pictures of me and where I come from. 
Consulting to mentoring transformation Review: Get new international clients: KO. I put a big effort on my international positioning, reviewing multiple times my profile on the international freelance platform. It looks like people are more looking for low-rate freelancers than a high-level consultant, but I still got interesting contacts and maybe one day they will become clients. I will not give up and will keep offering my services to startups on this type of platform. This is also a way for me to prove to myself that I can sell my knowledge to anyone in the world.  Goal: None. 
Public speaking Review: I didn’t set any goals on this for this month.  Goal: Offer two speaking propositions for September. My brand new Speaking page might make it easier for prospects to know what I can do for them and their projects. 
Unexpected achievements Review: My recent realization was that I do business in my own area, with the trust of local incubators, accelerators and the startup network I’ve built over the past six years. But what if I had nothing? What if I had to restart from scratch? And that’s exactly what I’m about to do with the speed one-on-one meeting that I’m offering on a global marketplace. This new venture is exciting and scary at the same time. I know that people will judge me based exclusively on my online profile without yet making an online reputation for myself through recommendations. In any case, I feel this is a new hurdle I need to overcome to make my online business successful.   Goal: Improve my mentoring sales funnel and be better at showing people the real value they’ll get. I’ve already reviewed the one-on-one session page with a brand new video: outoftech.com/cto.  

Me with my intern Kyle (left)

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