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I was such in a productive/overwhelmed mode that I almost forgot to share what I’ve been up to in November.

A few years ago, I wrote down my vision, my WHY:

“I want to help the world innovate along its different cultures.”

This is exactly what I did during the past month, teaching innovation management at the MBA program of IAE Montpellier (at Montpellier University).

We built startup projects with people from Belgium, Colombia, Germany, the UK, Cameroon, Portugal, Vietnam, China, India, Mexico, Thailand, Ukraine, Iran… And it was very interesting to observe the differences (and similarities) among them, and see them take on the role of a startup founder.

The two other big achievements were:
1) Recording 6 videos for my coaching launchpad, and
2) Starting the new coaching group with startups I’ve carefully selected to be in the free coaching program

December will be dedicated to finishing what’s on my plate, and then taking some time-off for Christmas and planning the new year.

On that note, I want to help you achieve even more in 2019!

To make that happen, I invite you to answer these 10 quick questions to let me know what’s important for you and where I should put my energy: https://outoftech.com/communitysurvey

It will really help me a lot!


PS. As usual, here are the detail of this past month. I look forward to reading your answers to the 10 questions and sharing with you my exciting plans for 2019 with some upcoming announcements. ?


This month’s results vs goals

Next month’s goals

Book writing Result: Nothing moved forward on this this last November. 

Goal: Review the book plan and share it with you at the beginning of the year. 

Email communication Result: Write my weekly email myself and make it more personal—Fail! I have to say that I’m in an overwhelmed mode this December, and November was very much focused on producing my coaching program launchpad, so I did nothing new regarding my weekly communication Goal: Honestly, I need to remove things from my plate instead of adding new things all the time. My automation process for this is good so far. I will just review my signature to be sure to present the relevant call to action to what I’m currently offering. .
Course creation Review: I did it! I created a series of 6 videos that have been shared with my clients and the startups that I selected to be in the free coaching program. The experience sounds good for the first clients, but most of them knew how I worked. Now I need to get feedback from brand new clients.  Goal: Create an extra video about the mastermind group session, explaining how it works and what the benefits are for startups to stick to it. 
Social media presence Result: I didn’t set any new goal. And as far as I can see, one of the tools I’ve been using for a while no longer works because I need to log into it with my social media account. Lesson learned: Marketing automation always needs a bit of monitoring Goal: I have an important goal on this area. I’ve recorded and published more than 120 videos across all my online courses, YouTube Channel, etc. In addition, all together, I’ve published 176 blog posts on my personal blog outoftech.com. People call me an action taker, but what I feel lacking is the effectiveness of all these actions. Recently, I saw some great results on social media with some old posts that has been configured correctly on my CoSchedule automation tool. In December, I’m going to review all the automation systems to promote and share the existing content. And thanks to the ReQueue feature of CoSchedule, any content that is liked and shared will be published again
Website improvement Result: While I’m thinking of rebuilding my online course platform to be better at engaging coaching clients, I prefer not to develop or invest too much time on the technical aspect of something that can be done by an expert. I already identified people who are well-known in the online coaching industry, who will able to provide me all the tools I need. Therefore, my focus is going to be on gathering all the content and the knowledge I have in a huge knowledge base and then sharing it with my clients.  Goal: List all the existing content I have, tag them and have a simple search engine that will be able guide my clients through them easily. The first step will be to have a simple Google Sheet and then build something better. 
Public speaking Result: No previous goals, no results on this.  Goal: Send 3 conference proposals to accelerators to increase my visibility. 
Unexpected achievements Result: Nothing new or unexpected. I had a great time teaching at the IAE Montpellier. I taught students how to brainstorm, plan a startup project, pivot, niche down their offer, and narrow it down to a Minimum Viable Product they can do. Great experience with students from all over the world.   Goal: Do a great retrospective not only for December but for the entire year, and plan 2019. 
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