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Another month has just gone by, and I hope you had some great achievements in October.

Right now I’m flying back from the Youpreneur Summit London, an amazing event dedicated to personal branding. It’s difficult to describe how helpful this event was, and how smart and caring the people were.

My biggest takeaway from the event is, again, to FOCUS on what works and what I like. It reinforced the idea that my coaching program is the best way for me to help people—be it followers, long-term clients, etc. All successful online entrepreneurs do some coaching at some point, and it’s very useful to share our methodologies with each other.

Another thing that was a revelation is to focus 90% of our effort on what really works and the 10% left on testing. I would say that so far, I was more on a ratio of 70%-30% which ends up to not providing me the financial capacity to invest as much as I should in the growth of my business. So, I’m going to correct that by being laser-focused on what works best for my clients, and declining any other proposition or offer that does not fit my coaching method.

I’m also proud to announce that at the end of the month, I will be launching a free coaching program for startups which I’ve never done before. Throughout the three weeks, I will help people clarify their project, build their roadmap, and prepare all the technical plan work to get funded or get subsidies.

Obviously, I will not be able to work with everyone, and I will have to choose only a handful of the best projects in this program. So if you’ve been following me for a while but we’ve never had the chance to work together, you can apply herehttps://myctofriend.co/ctoprogramapplication

If you know of any startup that needs CTO guidance, feel free to share this link with them too. They will thank you for it, for sure.

In the meantime, remember that I’m here to help my non-technical founder community, answer your questions and help you succeed. I produce weekly videos on the most common questions founders ask as they build their startup. I also recently launched a Facebook group for the myCTOfriend community. I suggest you join, share your story, and ask any type of questions you might have: myCTOfriend.co/fbgroup

Until the next time, I wish you a great day and I’m looking forward to seeing you and your project succeed.


This month’s results vs goals

Next month’s goals

Book writing Review: Still in the back of my head, and the Youpreneur Summit reminded me again that it’s a step that I need to undertake ASAP. 

Goal: Do this next after fully establishing my coaching program with the roadmap course. 

Email communication Review: I did well last month, but I feel like I should personalize my weekly emails more Goal: Write my weekly email myself and make it more personal.
Course creation Review: Last month I said that I wanted to focus on my coaching program, and at the same time create a brand new course on remote management. But like what I always tell my clients, focus on one thing at a time. So, I have decided to postpone this project for a bit to give me time to build the best experience possible for my coaching clients.  Goal: By the end of November, I would have recorded my free coaching launch pad. It’s a 3-week coaching program that comes with a one-on-one meeting with me, guided tasks and a few videos. The aim is to help startup founders prioritize their project, define their next actions, and prepare their technical plan presentation to raise funds or subsidies—without having a CTO. This is basically what I do with my coaching clients. My goal is to offer it for free for 3 weeks for startups that haven’t had the chance to work with me yet. I’m looking forward to launching it, and if you are interested, subscribe to the pre-launch mailing list herehttps://myctofriend.co/ctoprogramapplication
Social media presence Review: My goal was to update CoSchedule to enable the ReQueue feature. I wasn’t able to spend some time on this Goal: Honestly, I’d like to stick to focusing on my coaching program more than online promotion
Website improvement Review: I’ve been thinking of switching to a new environment that will embed all my coaching work, as well as my online courses and all the tools that I use with my coaching clients.  Goal: To stay in focus, I will postpone this for a month or two, and stay on Teachable for a bit longer than what I wanted until I finish the beta version of my coaching program. 
Public speaking Review: I do not understand why my public speaking goal wasn’t there in my September retrospective… My goal was to plan a talk in an incubator or accelerator in London while I’m there this week. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to make it happen. I guess the London ecosystem is more crowded than Malta where I was able to plan a conference just three weeks before my trip.  Goal: None. 
Unexpected achievements Review: Expected or unexpected… it’s all a matter of putting ourselves in the right creative environment where we can come across great opportunities and people who make us better and better. Right now I’m on the plane, flying back from London with lots of unpredictable ideas than I want to do at the end of the year as well as for 2019.    
Note: You can also find this article on LinkedIn here: https://outoftech.com/amauryonlinkedin


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