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While I slowed down in August, I felt like September was a crazy month.

Understanding what worked, systematizing and focusing on the format that serves startups the best, and at the same time allows me to be in my most valuable role, was just great.

The news is that I’m done with offering consultations and mentoring outside of incubators and accelerators without a real coaching program.

My main focus now is this new coaching program that I’ve divided into two formats: one for early-stage startups, and another for fast-growing startups. (If you’re interested and want to find out more, just go here: https://myctofriend.co/1yearcto-requestacall/.)

My other focus remains in teaching. I believe that in order to make a startup I work with succeed, I need to be great at teaching. In addition to teaching in accelerators like Marseille Innovation or The Bridge in Avignon, I’m now accepting teaching opportunities from MBA schools like the most recent one at IAE Montpellier. It allows me to understand, at a higher level, the innovation concepts I apply on a daily basis as well as the constraints corporate managers face—and this is exactly the role that has the capability to innovate in tomorrow’s world.

So in a few words, my goals for the next month are: to keep doing what I’m best at (coaching and teaching), and turn down opportunities that are not compatible with my coaching and teaching and goals.


This month’s results vs goals

Next month’s goals

Book writing Review: As I’ve decided three months ago, this project is in standby mode, but is still in the back of my mind. 

Goal: Keep it in standby mode, but I’m thinking of taking a week off without internet connection to focus on it. 

Email communication Review: Review the follow-up sequence: KO. A great opportunity came up, which was to teach innovation management at an MBA school. So I postponed this as online courses without coaching are not my focus Goal: I’m not going to make this a priority. My coaching program is my main focus. Before setting up a follow-up sequence, I prefer to build an online platform dedicated to my coaching clients. .
Course creation Review: Prepare the content of my next course on remote management: Done! I was also contacted by an old friend who’s had great success on Udemy. So we will publish this upcoming course on this platform in parallel to the myCTOfriend site.  Goal: I also want to dive deep into this topic, so I will spend the month of October polishing the course so that I can record the videos at the beginning of November
Social media presence Review: I’ve spent a bit of time using the tool CoSchedule, specifically the ReQueue feature. Not enough from my point of view Goal: Finish setting up CoSchedule’s ReQueue to publish on a regular basis videos and articles that have been received well on social media
Website improvement Review: Add my coaching program on my personal website: Done. I removed the mentoring page that I do not offer anymore. The only mentoring service I offer are now either through incubators or business schools, or inside my coaching program which allows me to check in with startups I work with on a continuous basis.  Goal: Review my funnel and keep two simple offers: the myCTOfriend coaching program and the online courses. 
Public speaking Review: Reach out to incubators/accelerators in London to organize a talk. I sent out a few emails to contacts I had in London, but it didn’t go well. I also had the opportunity to speak at Marseille Innovation about remote management, and about lean startup and roadmap definition at The Bridge in Avignon.  Goal: Systematize my coaching work to provide more value and better mentee experience. For example, I set aside two time slots this week to follow up with them via chat, asking them how things are going with their latest goals and if they need any help. Also start a new coaching group at the beginning of November. 
Unexpected achievements Review: The unexpected achievement is that I’ve been contacted by the MBA school IAE Montpellier to teach innovation management to dozens of international students from different parts of the globe. I consider myself as a startup expert more than a corporate innovator, but I also believe that companies need to apply startup practices in order to innovate. I know it will be a great experience and hopefully, I will help future corporate managers to innovate as if they were startup founders. I’m now reviewing my KPI above as I’m not going to focus anymore on “pure online income” results. This will now be just a general income result KPI.    
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