In a startup environment, as in every other company or organization, communication is key. Everyone must be able to understand each other, from founders being able to set goals and objectives, to employees collaborating – open communication helps startups move faster.

Y Combinator Recommendations

One of the world’s most famous and powerful startup accelerator, Y Combinator, recommends that when you call for a meeting, whether it’s for a small group of 10-20 people or a large group of 50 employees – that you write down a report and most importantly, share it with the entire company. This may be something that is quite obvious but by sharing it with the entire organization to let them know about the goals that were set, the conclusions that were made, and the major decisions that were agreed to in the meeting – you make each and every member of the company feel that they’re part of the team. Goal setting and sharing the objectives makes everyone feel involved and this means that they will try to participate more in a project that really tries to include them.

Lack of communication exists, even on a startup project that consists of two or three persons working in a garage. If they do not communicate on a daily basis on what their goals are, their difficulties, and their deliverables for that day (which is the basis of the agile scrum methodology), it often ends up with the team missing out on something. They could end up missing a deadline, a target, a market opportunity or, even worse, end up with a conflict among founders. How fast you can understand the customer’s need and how fast you can implement the answers or the solutions to these needs – it all depends on clear communication and sharing goals and objectives.

Goal Setting in a Startup: the Commitment

To effectively reach your goals, it is very important that you share them with your team. But you might ask yourself: why are we doing project management? Why are we sharing objectives and milestones? By sharing goals and milestones you commit yourself as a person and as a team to reach a defined objective and it’s a very good way for the company to reach their goal. From time to time, model startups share the details of how they will go about a certain project and it’s a very easy and healthy way to ensure that the group knows exactly what is the vision, where you are going, and what the strategy is to achieve your short, mid and long term goals. Doing it this way lets people know that everyone is going to be engaged and ready to commit themselves to these goals.

Key Factor

And that is something that I personally pay attention to. Since the end of the last year, I’ve made it a priority to share my goals – to share my personal thoughts on what I’m building, even my doubts. I think it’s normal that startups, like any other company or human being – to have doubts. From there, we can move on, look at and share information and, hopefully, people will react positively to your doubts as well as your vision. They will give their thoughts on what you share, the strategy you mapped out, and the end goals of the project that you are building. It also means you don’t have to wait before you’ve already spent a considerable amount of time and financial resources before you get the right feedback. The lean startup methodology recommends that you “ask your audience, ask people you are working with or working for, if what you are doing is right for them.” For me, sharing goals is the key factor that determines the success of a project.

Project Management Applications

In project management, what is usually done is to share team and individual goals. This is to ensure that if the result is not satisfactory, then it can be attributed to a specific cause. Identifying defined pain points and showing us what went wrong in the process helps the members and the company itself improve. This means building a better project plan, underlying the importance of goal setting and scheduling deadlines to make sure that you reach your goals. So if you already have a deadline in your project, share it right away. Share it with the entire world if you can. This means announcing what you’re going to build and what product you’re going to deploy in the next month, the next week or the next six months. The goal is to share your thoughts about it. You can even share it here in the comments section below and I will be delighted to know your thoughts, comments and questions.

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