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“Mastering the development of the application and the interactions surrounding it,
Amaury was able to listen for our needs and created solutions that worked.”

Emmanuelle Champaud
Founder at

What people say

Systematization of the delivery process

“Thanks to Amaury’s expertise and his external point of view, he was able to understand our organization and identify immediate improvements to be made.”

Wauters Léonard

CEO, FraudBuster

His experience and skills became indispensable for our entrepreneurs without technical backgounds

“Thanks to Amaury, our startups can learn to present their project from a technical angle, outsource developments and manage their technical resources”

Nadine Bugnazet

Startup Advisor, Marseille Innovation Accelerator

He is a facilitator, with a large know-how

“Amaury is very good at simplyfing technical language for the lay man, He produced technical documentation, review processes to speed up delivery and helped the board to recruit a fulltime CIO”

Jerome Parage


Regaining development control and prioritization based on business and technical complexities

“Good support and expertise. Great professionalism while focusing on our goals.”

Karim Jourdain


Amaury’s help for our project was key

“He helped us to structure our thoughts, and together, we were able to build the roadmap and the R&D plan to fit our vision. Thanks again Amaury, we are very satisfied and delighted by the achievements of our work..”

Estelle Lambert

Co-founder, THKS.FR

Audit, documentation and process creation for  a team of engineers

“Amaury is a very professional consultant. We were on a tight deadline and he completed the project before the deadline.”

Laurent Henocque

CEO, KeeeX

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