What I can do for you

(and what I cannot)

I wake up every day thinking about how I can help more startups. I believe this is what I was meant to do.

Keeping in mind that startups need to spend their money wisely, I invite you to…

First things first, take a look at my blog and read some of the stories from real startups on how I’ve helped them overcome difficulties in the technical part.

Secondly, check out my online courses. Video is a great tool to teach and explain how things work, and I’m devoted to creating high quality content, that can save you loads of time and money.

Thirdly, if you have any questions, go ahead and ask me on AskMyCTO. That way I can tackle those topics in a video, while sharing your startup concept with my community.

And last but not least, if you think that you really need one-to-one advice and you would like me to have a deep analysis of your project. Then jump on a free mentoring call. I will give you private advice and if it’s necessary, I will propose a more long-term “à la carte” mentoring.

What I do

Having the technical capabilities to fly at 50,000 ft. working on company strategy, and at the same time be able to hover close to the ground by reviewing source code and building high-availability infrastructure, forced me to make a decision on what type of work I wanted to do.

Reviewing all my previous clients and projects I worked on, made me focus on specific situations where my contribution is the most effective and impactful, and I boiled it down to 3 types of services:

  • Short mentoring session (45 to 90 minutes )
  • Fully dedicated product definition workshop (2 to 3 days)
  • Conferences

Short mentoring session (45 to 90 minutes)

Using my video recording equipment allows me to talk to you through webcam, but also show you my screen as well as my desk.

If requested, these mentoring sessions can also be recorded and the video can be sent to you afterward.

Here is the classical agenda of a mentoring session:

  • Developer or freelance technical evaluation (45 minutes )
  • What technology and technical architecture should I use for my project (90 minutes)
  • What type of technical skills does my project need (45 minutes)
  • Provider’s proposals evaluations (45 minutes)

Roadmap definition review: Every mentoring session starts after a short questionnaire, allowing you to set a reasonable goal for each session. I will do everything in my power to reach that goal during the designated time.

Product definition workshop ( 2 to 3 days)

This type of workshop is the only consulting service I still offer. Just because I have such a great time putting myself in a co-founder’s shoes for 2 to 3 days.

We first brainstorm on the product positioning, having in mind technical opportunities and envisioning the several stages of the business model that will evolve with the product and its future versions.

Then we come up to define the product roadmap under the “Technical plan template” format, including resource costs, technologies to use, and the next best steps to take.

We will also take into consideration the project funding aspect showing up with the technology planning, argumenting with the technical innovation of the project.

I cannot guarantee that every project will just work, but be ready to be challenged and to reshape your project according to customer needs and technical constraints.

Keynote speaker and masterclass

Teaching has always been my core skill. Just because this, for me, is the most impactful way of working. Being able to help dozens or maybe hundreds of projects move forward by implementing my advice makes me proud to do what I do.

So I do conference for incubators, accelerators and business schools. I do consider that is the most meaningful way to do my job.

The usual topics are:

  • Lean startup by practice
  • Technical brainstorming and prototyping
  • Development cost & roadmap definition
  • Startup technical team challenges
  • Technical growth 
  • And more

Ready to take action?

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